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Lock Cylinder using a number of anti-theft technology, a variety of special-shaped anti-pull marbles, eliminate technical opening, with a unique marble and leaf structure design, with high anti-technical open safety performance. Lock Cylinder built with precision numbers marbles marbles and shaped structure, carrying out technical turned and shaped marbles marbles numbers must Stubbs the case will be automatically locked, so that the technical opening failed. Lock Cylinder using a variety of special-shaped marbles multiple combinations, up to billions of preparation key number, in order to achieve regional zero mutual opening (1/16000000). Cylinder internal pressure increases the lateral side column latch device, greatly improving the ability to prevent violence strong twist.

Mortise CylinderEuro Cylinder
There are three different types of  Lock Cylinder:
1, European Lock Cylinder:Such applications are common cylinderWidely used in all kinds of door locks, fire safety locks and other locks productsLock Cylinder size can be customized according to the thickness of the door, the Lock Cylinder with 40mm-160mm length.
2, American threaded Lock Cylinder
Such applications use high-end door Lock Cylinder
Good quality, safe. Less dosage.
3, fireproof lock Lock Cylinder
Fireproof door Lock Cylinder used in fire, heat resistant to 975 degrees for 90 minutes, is a national specialty enforced Lock Cylinder. General specifications for 30mmX32mm.