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Euro Cylinder is usually made of brass material with brass keys. Keys have normal keys and computer keys. Some customers need 3 keys for one set. some customers need 5 keys for one set.

What are the advantages of Cylinders ?

European Profile Cylinder

This is a question more and more people are asking these days, mainly due to a few programmes that were recently shown on BBC Televisions ”The One Show”. It highlighted the fact that normal Euro Cylinder lock, that are generally fitted to UPVC/Composite doors can be vulnerable to attack from thieves targeting a quick entry to your property.

The fact that some of the new cylinders are referred to as anti-snap is a bit misleading, the reason for this is that they are actually designed to snap in a pre-determined place, so the term snap safe cylinder is more apt, let me explain more, in the standard cylinders they could with the correct knowledge be snapped in the middle of the cylinder thus allowing would be thieves easy access to the internal workings of you lock.

Cylinder dogging With vertical rods and low energy operators on the same door, additional electrical coordination is required. Sequencing is required. When the push pad is activated, the exit device latchbolts must fully retract before the operated is engaged to open the door.