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  Euro Cylinder is used for Mortise Locks, door locks. This cylinder size is 33*17*10mm. Their finish can be Chrome, Nickel, Brass Polish, Nickel Brush, and Satin Nickel and so on. Euro Cylinder is widely used in the European countries, like UK, Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, and Greece.
Euro Cylinder is usually made of brass material with brass keys. Keys have normal keys and computer keys. Some customers need 3 keys for one set. some customers need 5 keys for one set.
For the cylinder length, euro cylinder has 40mm= (25+10+5), 45mm= (30+10+5), 50mm (35+10+5), 60mm= (25+10+25), 70mm= (30+10+30), 75mm= (30+10+35), 80mm= (35+10+35), 90= (35+10+45),100= (45+10+45) mm and so on.
Euro Cylinder is always in good quality. Because brass material is the best material for making cylinders.

70mm Nickel Brush Euro Cylinder

    Both utilized for substitute on an exterior doors and conservatories are composite or UPVC doors. UPVC doors use euro cylinder locks owning a euro case. These euro cylinders are also broadly utilized on other modern doors. to make sure protection and protection concerning the real-estate advantage it is essential to suit and choose the precise euro cylinder. make sure also that it does not protrude even more compared to handles in addition to determining on the precise euro cylinder that truly fit. The danger of forced entry by applying the methods utilized is decreased once the cylinder fitted is concerning the precise dimension and properly fitted.know more :http://www.oceanlock.com/