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Locks have been 4,000 years history!Periodic altering of locks is essential these times to make sure additional protection within our homes. that is especially exact in circumstance you as well as your family individuals are not the first residents belonging using the property. Installing new front door locks is not terribly difficult as well as a experienced locksmith's companies may be pretty costly. that is precisely where owning the know-how to alter a front door important lock cylinder may be pretty useful.How to Change a Door Lock Cylinder, Here's how:and have 7 steps :


Door Lock Cylinder CP Finish1 Open door partially to reveal the mortise lock cover plate at the edge of the door. Remove the two retaining screws and set aside.

2.Note the position of the keyway as it relates to the cylinder. Most likely it is at the bottom (six o'clock).

3.Remove the cover plate from the edge of the door and back out the set screw that is preventing the cylinder from turning. On some applications there may be two set screws, one for the outer cylinder and one for the inner.

4.Unscrew the lock cylinder from the body of the mortise lock by turning it counterclockwise (to the left).

5.Carefully thread the new cylinder into the body of the mortise lock. Use extreme caution not to cross thread the cylinder as this may ruin the entire lock!

6.Set the cylinder so that the keyway is in the same position as it originally was, usually to the bottom, and tighten the set screw.

7.Test the lock to make sure it is functioning properly. You may have to back out the new cylinder a turn or two so that everything works smoothly. The store where the cylinder was purchased will have trim rings that will compensate for this.Once the lock is functioning properly, re-install the cover plate at the edge of the door.

Know what brand name of lock is employed within your home. Kits for re-keying may be effortlessly obtained from hardware or residence stores within your area, however the kits are particular to particular brands. Most kits could have 6 re-keying sets. You'll need to purchase much more pins in circumstance you need to re-key more.
remove the doorknob. Do this by utilizing your aged front door key. Insert the important and turn until the front door receives unlocked. Pull out the doorknob as well as the casing belonging using the lock cylinder. remove the slim retainer ring by utilizing the retainer ring unit that is involved within your re-keying set. retain the ring as this desires getting transformed later.