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Locate the euro cylinder fixing screw on side of the door locking strip, It is the one that lines up with the bottom of the barrel cylinder.
When we removed the euro cylinder screw fully, we must turn the key to face approximatly “10 past” on the clock, then take the cylinder out from the cylinder hole.

45mm Half Euro Cylinder
This can make the euro cylinder to be removed. In some cases some slight turning of the key will help the barrel come out easier, also loosening the bolts on the handles can help the euro cylinder to be removed if it is tight.

There are many distinctive cylinder sizes so it is essential to purchase one of the most ideal sized substitution for the door. the really favored method to look at the dimension is by removing the present cylinder and measuring it. This ‘measure your current euro profile cylinder' movement photo exhibits especially how effortless this could be to do.

The cylinder have to not protrude a complete whole lot over two or three mm on the outside end;1 mm is perfect.

Once you've used the measurements, make particular you replace the cylinder because of the reality even a duff lock is much better than no lock at all. hold remedy to not over-tighten the Euro Cylinder lock when you're refitting it because of the reality this could snap the cylinder.

Now, you need a new cylinder to be installed. So you must measure the old cylinder. you have to measure the distance from the centre screw hole to the outside of the cylinder on one side and then do the same on the other. If you find one side is 35mm, the other side is also 35mm. It means you need a new 70mm euro cylinder ,know more,click here